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Chantelle Bruinsma
CEO + Founder, Studio Evolution

Do you want high level strategies for your studio?
Have you longed to work with the industry leading organisation Studio Evolution and receive the exact trainings which have propelled thousands of studio owners into the next stage of leadership and freedom in their business?

We have been running Studio Evolution Masterclass since 2015 and with everything that has been happening in the world climate, we have decided to bring Masterclass to you and it is absolutely FREE.
Our upcoming Masterclass Schedule Includes
Get Free Q&A
Join Chantelle for a Masterclass Lucky Dip. Chantelle will be answering all of your curly questions live in regards to everything studio business.
Join Enrol-A-Thon
Join us for our premier training event of the year. The Studio Evolution Enrol-A-Thon. Warning... you will enroll a vast amount of students after this training.
Get exclusive content
Access our latest blog series "Behind the Studio Door" and find out how studio owners have completely transformed their studio in the last 12 months.
Get free training
Download free Attraction, Retention, Systems and Team training resources which you can plug and play into your studio today!
The practical and high level tools you need right now, only for studio owners...
Founded in 2011 by Chantelle Bruinsma, Studio Evolution has helped studio owners realise their vision for creating high performing and highly profitable businesses that are the heart of their communities and a second home for their students.

Most of our studio owners tell us that working with Studio Evolution is like coming home.

It’s warm and comfortable. There are metaphorical cookies baking in the oven and everyone is there for the same reason - to take back control of their business and their lives. To get the freedom they crave. To have financial security. And to find a group of supportive people just like them, to walk beside on this journey.

Join us.

Chantelle Bruinsma
Founder + CEO
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