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Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy.

But here's my number booking link, so call me, maybe.

You know what? This is crazy.

I'm here telling you I want to talk to you on the phone and you're like 'This feels a bit weird'.

Let's make it not weird. The reason why my team and I have studio review calls is because we want to know more about you and your studio. We want to know how many hours a week you want to work, how much you want to pay yourself, how many students you want to enrol this term, who you need to hire to complete your dream team and where you want to go on your next holiday.

And I want to help you make it happen.

You know how your life can change in an instant and you remember exactly the moment it all unfolded?

For some of our most successful graduates, the Mini Studio Review is that moment. The moment they booked in for a call and changed their business (and life) forever.

And you know what, if this call doesn't change your life, what have you got to lose? Nothing. At the very least you'll get to have a chat with someone who knows about studio business and can be a good listener. A 15-minute pep talk. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Yeah, but what exactly is a Mini Studio Review?

What's going on in your studio that means you're here? Reading this?

How can I help you fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be? What specifically is broken, missing, or not working? What help do you need?

My Community Coaches are here to listen with open ears and open hearts. If they think our two-year Studio Evolution program or one of our other offerings is the right match for you, they'll help you take the next steps. If now's not the right time, that's okay too. Either way, you get to take a breath, have a chat and sit with where you are right now.

You have nothing to lose. A Mini Studio Review is a beautiful, soulful connection with someone who understands. It's totally free with no strings attached.
 “Enrolled 71 more students in 4 months”
- Lynette Telfer 

“Increased my head count by 20% and maintained a retention rate of 93%.”
- Hillary-Marie Atkinson, Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio.
”Increased monthly revenue by $4,000 per month”
- Jessica Hanson, Take Note Studio
"Managed to pay off a business loan within 12 months & increased profitability by $92,000”
- Sharee Stirling
“Increased enrollment by 38% in four months”
- David Cuthbertson

Made An Additional $550K in 3 Years

Since 2020 to 2023, we have gone from $290,000 to $840,000. We have had an increase in income of around 184%...it's all because of Evolution and you and the team.
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– Ryan Newell and Ryan Eaton,
Off Centre Dance Company

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It Is All Worth It

“I'm making more money than I ever thought I could make...our group class is built to capacity way before the start date and now we are thinking about offering them in multiple locations.

Studio Evolution, in a variety of Pillars, brought everything together for me."
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  – JoAnn Tresco,
PA DanceSport Ballroom


My name's Chantelle and I want big things for you. Like huge, life-altering stuff.

I've helped 1000's of Studio's over the last 11 years.Teaching them everything I know after running my own 6 location, 1000+ students studio business.

In a nutshell, I want you to have a spectacular life as a studio owner.

You're already in the right place. My 2-year program is designed to build your studio, yes, but the most important part is you.

Studio Evolution is truly a family and I want you to be a part of it. It's the perfect mix of accountability and support to help your studio be everything it can possibly be.

Take 15 minutes this week to speak to my team and see if this is the right fit for you.

It's a free, no obligation call with one of my graduates (who loved the program so much they wanted to help others!)

Let's chat.

ALL my best,

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Chantelle Bruinsma,
CEO + Founder of Studio Evolution