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The Million Dollar Studio Workshop
You can have a successful studio without working 24/7
Studio Evolution Is the Top Program to Help Performing Arts Studio Owners Redesign Their Studio Business for Maximum Profit, Freedom and Joy.

Claim your 1:1 private Mini Studio Review to
get help growing YOUR studio:
More Students, More Profits And More Time For Yourself! 
“Increased my head count by 20% and maintained a retention rate of 93%.”
- Hillary-Marie Atkinson, Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio.
"Managed to pay off a business loan within 12 months & increased profitability by $92,000”
- Sharee Stirling
”Increased monthly revenue by $4,000 per month”
- Jessica Hanson, Take Note Studio
“Increased enrollment by 38% in four months”
- David Cuthbertson
“Enrolled 71 more students in 4 months”
- Lynette Telfer
 How did these studio owners get such incredible results in just 12 months?

They joined Studio Evolution, an in-depth program that will grow your business AND give you your freedom back.

Sound good? We thought so.
Register for a complimentary Mini Studio Review to learn how to get results like these in your own studio.

Welcome to Studio Evolution, the home for studio owners. This is the program that gives studio owners everything they need. Freedom, profits and flexibility.

Let us help you make your studio run seamlessly, automatically and with consistent profits. So your dream studio can support your dream life.

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Chantelle Bruinsma,
CEO + Founder of Studio Expansion