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Studio Business Plan, Marketing Master Plan + Step-by-Step Workshop plus monthly marketing trainings for the rest of 2023.

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 If you're ready for 2023 to be the year you bounce back bigger and better than before, the VIP Double Your Studio in 2023 is the complete package. It can't be missed.

Registration Includes:

Training #1: Double Your Studio in 2023 and jump beyond 600 students training.

Studio Evolution CEO, Chantelle Bruinsma shares her insights from running her own 1,000+student studio and helping hundreds of other studios owners reach and exceed their goals.
The BIGGEST reason why most studio’s fail to enrol as many students as they could (I’ll give you a hint - it’s all in the follow up) AND the simple system to put in place to ensure you never lose track of a new enquiry again.
How to create a pipeline of new students flowing constantly to your studio by setting up your marketing to run on autopilot.
Easy, zero-cost, ready-to-go proven plans to start attracting new students in the door within weeks. 

Training #2: Studio Business Plan Implementation Workshop

Double Down On Your Studio Growth with our Implementation Workshop. 
Chantelle will review the strategy behind a successful marketing plan and work through your 1-year Studio Business Plan together. (One you will actually implement.) This isn't your standard pro-forma plan you give to a banker and then stuff in a file cabinet. We believe business plans based on heart and mission drive more success. So that's what you're getting here. 
During the workshop, Chantelle walks you through each step of your business plan so you create a plan you love and a plan that will truly impact your bottom line and make a difference in your community.

#3 Your 2023 Marketing Master Plan INCLUDING 12 months of ongoing content and support.


Chantelle has created a 2023 marketing strategy with an actionable item each month designed to grow your studio. Each strategy will be delivered live each month. For example, March will focus on how to improve retention. Another month will focus on how to create a summer camp that is simple to implement and has major ripple effects on your studio growth.

She will deliver ideas each month via a short private training so you aren't overwhelmed and can stay focused on the next and most important strategy that will actually Double Your Studio in 2023.

12 months of coaching in the VIP group. Access to the Double Your Studio in 2023 Private Facebook Group where I will be by your side every month guiding your progress and giving you hints and tips along the way. You only have access to this intimate group when you purchase the Double Your Studio bundle.
A private 1:1,  30 minute call with our skilled Community Coaches to review your growth plan and provide personalized support. Our coaches run their own studios/schools and are experts at creating growth for studio owners.

Get instant access to Your Studio Business Plan, Training #1, Training #2, the VIP Facebook Group and monthly marketing trainings for the rest of 2023.

Struggling to reach your enrolment goals?

Keep reading.

Do you want to stop worrying about filling your classes?

Do you hear about studios who have 600,700, 1000 students and more and wonder how they got there?

Do a behind-the-scenes look at the marketing and management strategies of successful studios?

Do you want a decent waitlist for each class so you never have to pay teachers to instruct an empty room?

Then don't pass up on the Double Your Studio in 2023 offer and the top training resources included every month in 2023!.

Chantelle ran her own 1000+ student studio and has helped thousands of studio owners grow, while gaining more of their time and freedom back.

Our mission is to see your classes filled and your bank balance healthy.

Let us show you how. 

We have a 4 tier systems for you
Dive into your business with the guidance of Chantelle. Learn what to shift, what to ditch and how to implement strategies proven to grow your studio to the next level- and beyond!
12 months of coaching in the VIP group. Access to the Double Your Studio in 2023 Private Facebook Group where I will be by your side every month guiding your progress and giving you hints and tips along the way. You only have access to this intimate group when you register today.
Our coaches will review your strategies and plans and ensure you have clarity and know your exact next steps. There's nothing more valuable than having an customized, expert guidance.
A guided annual calendar of one essential thing to do each month to double your students by the end of the year.
This is your best chance to create a plan that
creates a thriving studio and a life you love.

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Chantelle Bruinsma

As an acclaimed teacher Chantelle Bruinsma [BMus (MusEd)] founded a successful performing arts studio which, over four years, spread to six venues across Sydney.

With rapid growth, a team of 35 teachers and 1000+ students, it was not long before Chantelle was approached to share her strategies with other studio owners as a coach and mentor and quickly reached capacity with her private clients.

Studios from every corner of the globe have attracted more students, boosted retention, built a loyal team and have systemised their studios thanks to her online programs.

Chantelle wants to help studio owners come home to their own studio bliss. By systemising and refreshing your business structure you will have more profits, growth and freedom in your life. Chantelle and her Home Team will give you all the support and encouragement you need to get the studio clarity and confidence you’ve always wanted.

How to Double Your Studio in 2023 and Grow Beyond 600 Students
  • TRAINING #1: A deep dive training into how to STOP cookie- cutter marketing, where everyone is describing their studio as 'fun, friendly classes' and START showcasing what makes your studio unique and connects with your ideal students.
  • Learn the biggest reason why studio's fail o enrol as many students as they could AND the simple system to put in place to ensure you never lose track of a new enquiry again.
  • Your Studio Business Plan Workbook
  • IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING: A 2 hour Workshop where we walk through step-by-step to create a Studio Business Plan you will love and use! 
  • Monthly Marketing Prompts every month in 2023 where Chantelle will deliver a monthly action-oriented strategy and training focused on the most impactful thing you can do in your studio that month. Each strategy will take you closer to Doubling Your Studio in 2023.
  • A 1:1 coaching call with one of our Community Coaches to ensure you growth plan is on track.
  • Loads of resources you can download so you can implement the strategies into your business with ease
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Your investment- only $37
(Price is in USD)
A personal message from Chantelle

I’m here because I used to be you.

I owned a studio and I was running myself into the ground. There didn’t seem to enough hours in the day and the studio was sucking more and more of my time.

Until I implemented systems and automation and then everything changed. I was able to grow to 6 studio spaces, increase my profits exponentially and take more time for myself and the things I love doing.

If you’re struggling with studio ownership and can’t see a way out of 16 hour work days and a very sad bank account, it’s time to sign up for HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR STUDIO IN 2023.

It’s the perfect taster into the work we do with Studio Evolution.

Give it a go! You’ve got nothing to lose. 

I can’t wait to see you in the workshop meeting and help you to grow your studio in a beautiful, impactful way.

All my best,

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